Software development

We develop and implement reliable and vital for the success of any enterprise information system.
We provide a full range of services for the development of custom software — from the reliable and efficient
solutions from the ground up to adapt existing systems to the specific requirements of customers.

We perform:

  • Design and development of custom software;
  • Migration and reengineering;
  • Support and service;
  • Independent testing.

Our specialty:

  • Banking operating software;
  • Highload systems running 24×7 with a guaranteed response time and processing large amounts of data on the
    basis of NoSQL technologies and Oracle;
  • Corporate portals and sites;
  • Mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

We analyze the existing clients park of software and hardware, consult and provide recommendations for optimization
and further development of the IT landscape, building a promising target customer information systems architecture.

We also offer training for functional regular and ad-hoc products and provision of relevant knowledge among users
about their new features.

Support for Internet video and radio broadcasts

As part of the support services we offer online translations:

  • and provide translation and 24×7 support for one-time events
  • provision of online broadcasts in different formats and bit rates
  • provide display statistics in real time
  • advise on the organization of broadcasts on the Internet
  • broadcast licensed video content on the P2P technology
  • online broadcast licensed content STB Dune and Aura

Our servers are located on 3 points — NewTelko, DC «BEMOBILE» and Leontovich 9. CDN has a direct inclusion
into many network providers that provide high availability and quality of broadcasting throughout Ukraine

IT — outstaffing

We offer a service selection and provide IT staff the required qualifications to carry out temporary works at
your company: one-time, project, for a long period. Features «MACC Systems» in the IT sector outstaffing cover
all core competencies in the process of the software life cycle.