MACCBank product line for banks and financial institutions.

MACC Retail

Retail service automation system «MACCRetail» — is a program designed to automate the cashier activities
and customer service managers in the retail outlets of the bank locations and automation of the life cycle of
sold banking products.
«MACCDesk» automates both sales and support life cycle of the following products:

  • Manage client base;
  • Payment cards (issuance and maintenance);
  • Current, savings and deposit accounts;
  • Credit cards and bank loans annuity;
  • Fast operations for the account, payments and transfers of the population;
  • Standing orders.


Monitoring system of card risk MACCSpy intended for rapid detection of fraud transactions, payment systems
meet the requirements of security operations with payment cards.
The system allows to identificate suspicious transactions in real time, setup parameters of operations
monitoring, maintenance history of suspicious / fraudulent operations, the rapid blocking and unblocking card and
to view information about the cards.


It provides receiving and processing of all types of utility payments and payments of the population (cash and cashless), with the possibility of on-line interaction with databases of service providers with the help of external financial services (Portmone, Profix). Keeps history of all operations and any payment from history can be used as a template to create a new payment. As introduced in the contracts payments can be made in any bank branches. It allows to create registries of payments received for the payee, and upload registers from the payment recipients receivable from customers for services received.


MACCBus Integration Bus provides the ability to combine different software products are used in the bank, in a
single system. This allows you to integrate the information system of the best solutions on the market for both
businesses and to automate internal processes. We have experience integrating the ABS B2, the card back-office
IS Card, Internet banking from the company Pentegy, SMS-gateways, card processing UPC,
international money transfer system, a network of information and payment terminals to recharge client accounts.

Media Player

The media player is designed to play streaming video (live-video) and video on demand (VoD), and is able to integrate
statistical data collection libraries on the actions of the user.
At this moment, the player is integrated with the system libraries CMeter and customers can see the
viewing statistics of video content in real time.


A system for your business that can be customized for your needs.
Provides easy, seamless integration of all your business applications into a single management system.
Allows you to customize the interface and business logic of your application.
Provides automation of routine processes in all your business applications environment.
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